News.EOS.WiKi Website Project

News.EOS.WiKi is a project to provide up-to-date bilingual news, info and stories of EOS. the project is currently running by a team of professional reporters, system maintenance specialists, software developers and translators.

EOS Block Producer

eosdotwikibp is an independent block producer who dedicate to provide stable and reliable services for EOS community.
eosdotwikibp is currently running 5 geo-distributed servers with high-end configuration and high speed internet connection to provide block producing, p2p and API services.

Statement of Ownership

eosdotwikibp and are 100% owned and operated by EOS WiKi Limited.
EOS WiKi Limited is incorporated in the Cayman Islands as a precautionary measure of avoiding any political jurisdiction that may interfere with the future of the EOS project and community.

Contact Us

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