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完成十亿美元的筹资之后,UNUS SED LEO将在周一在Bitfinex公开发行/UNUS SED LEO to be listed on Bitfinex on Monday following completion of $1bn contribution



今天我们荣幸地宣布,UNUS SED LEO将在5月20日(周一)UTC时间早上8:00整在Bitfinex上正式进行交易。功能代币UNUS SED LEO的设计宗旨是提高Bitfinex交易平台的产出和能力。届时,该代币可以和BTC, USD, USDt, EOS,和ETH进行交易。

5月10日,也就是上周五,Bitfinex发表UNUS SED LEO白皮书,当时,它就操作和完成了100%未偿UNUS SED LEO代币的私售,获得等值10亿USDt的比特币、USD和USDt。本次代币销售体现出来的高效应对方案和应急措施代表了Bitfinex和整个区块链社区的新的里程碑。


在我们的用户、人员、和获益者的支持下,我们保持着积极向上、不骄不躁的心态,并欢迎各位来到UNUS SED LEO的时代。





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May 17th, 2019 — Today we are pleased to announce that UNUS SED LEO, a utility token designed to empower the Bitfinex community and provide utility for those seeking to maximize the output and capabilities of the Bitfinex trading platform, will commence trading on Monday May 20th, at 08:00 UTC on Bitfinex. The token will be tradable against BTC, USD, USDt, EOS, and ETH.

Upon publishing the UNUS SED LEO whitepaper last Friday, May 10th, Bitfinex conducted and completed a private sale of 100% of outstanding UNUS SED LEO tokens in exchange for one billion USDt worth of Bitcoin, USD, and USDt. The overwhelming response and expedient execution of the token sale represents a new milestone for Bitfinex and the greater Blockchain community.

In addition to our excitement around bringing such an unprecedented and powerful token to the heart of our community, the Bitfinex team remains dedicated to continuing to grow and develop core infrastructure for our industry as a whole.

We remain invigorated and humbled by the support of our users, personnel, and beneficiaries, and welcome everyone to the era of UNUS SED LEO.

About iFinex: iFinex started operations in 2012, initially operating under the Bitfinex brand, making it one of the longest-standing exchanges in the blockchain industry. Since then, iFinex, through its trading platforms, has become one of the most widely-recognized companies in the cryptocurrency sector, with a community of passionate entrepreneurs, idealists, and technologists that have together contributed to one of the best growth stories in our industry.

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