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Block.one 创始人兼CEO Brendan Blumer在2019年慕尼黑安全会议上探讨区块链对政府的影响/Brendan Blumer, Founder & CEO of Block.one, to discuss blockchain’s impact on government at the 2019 Munich Security Conference



2月15日,Block.one创始人兼CEO,也是EOSIO区块链软件合约的发布人Brendan Blumer将在2019慕尼黑安全会议(MSC)就区块链阻断金融和安全政策的话题发表演讲。他将与Galaxy Digital的创始人兼CEO Mike Novogratz、The NAGA Group AG的创始人兼CEO Yasin Qureshi进行小组对话。对话将由Apeiron Investment Group Ltd的创始人兼CEO Christian Angermayer主持。



根据MSC官网信息,今年与会嘉宾拥有令人震惊的阵容,他们是来自全球强大集团组织的顶级政治家和高级管理人员,包括德国总理Angela Merkel、美国副总统Mike Pence、国际基金组织执行理事Christine Lagarde、阿富汗总统Mohammad Ashraf Ghani、中国共产党第十九届政治局成员Yang Jiechi以及NATO秘书长Jens Stoltenberg。

自其1963年创办起来,慕尼黑安全会议已经成为全球最高等级的安全政策国际论坛之一。每年,超过450名高层领导汇集巴伐利亚慕尼黑,依据最新全球发展情况,就外交、合作、贸易、技术、气候、军事等事宜交换意见。2014年-2016年,连续三年,Pennsylvania大学的“Global Go To Think Tank Index”将其列为全球“最佳智囊团会议”。





On 15 February, Brendan Blumer, Founder & CEO of Block.one, publisher of the EOSIO blockchain software protocol, will be speaking at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) 2019 on the power of blockchain to disrupt finance and security policy. He will be sharing a panel with Mike Novogratz, Founder & CEO of Galaxy Digital, and Yasin Qureshi, Founder & CEO of The NAGA Group AG. The panel will be moderated by Christian Angermayer, Founder & CEO of Apeiron Investment Group Ltd.

Having kicked off on 11 February with the launch of the annual Munich Security Report, wherein various concerns surrounding changes in the global security landscape are explored in detail, this year the MSC will take on wider themes such as “the European Union’s self-assertion, transatlantic cooperation” and “possible consequences of a renewed era of great power competition” as its points of focus. Among the many topics explored, one of the major questions will be how governments around the world should manage new technologies including artificial intelligence and blockchain, in particular, how government bodies can synergize with emerging technological providers by creating an optimal regulatory space for them to flourish within monitored parameters and to bring about positive social impact on a larger scale.

“One of the key roadblocks of progress for many blockchain organizations is their tendency to resist government and existing societal infrastructure, as opposed to improving it through collaborative integration. The benefits of blockchain technology, including its capabilities for ensuring accountability, improving transparency, and upgrading security possess incredible potential to streamline all aspects of collective governance, such as voting, policy making, and data protection.” said Blumer.

According to the official MSC website, this year’s attendees boast an impressive line-up of top statesmen, politicians and executives from global powerhouses and international organizations, among which include Angela Merkel, German Chancellor; Mike Pence, United States Vice President; Christine Lagarde, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund; Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President; Yang Jiechi, Member of the 19th Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party; and Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General.

Since its inception in 1963, the Munich Security Conference has been widely accepted as one of the world’s most prestigious international forums for the discussion of security policy. Every year, more than 450 senior leaders congregate in Munich, Bavaria to exchange their views on diplomacy, cooperation, trade, technology, climate, military affairs etc. in light of the latest global developments. From 2014–2016, it was rated by the University of Pennsylvania’s ‘Global Go To Think Tank Index’ as the “Best Think Tank Conference” in the world for three consecutive years.


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