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EOSIO1.5.0-rc1预备版发布:多线程签名验证、State History Plugin插件和黑名单安全优化/EOSIO Version 1.5.0-rc1: Release Candidate for Multithreaded Signature Verification, A State History Plugin, and Blacklist Security Enhancements.



今天,我们很高兴宣布EOSIO1.5.0预备版,EOSIO1.5.0-rc1。您能在Github这里找到EOSIO1.5.0-rc1的详细信息,并在EOSIO开发者门户找到更新文件。我们将继续收集社区反馈,了解平台构建应用的情况,并将持续优化EOSIO上的开发体验。此后,当新版EOSIOEOSIO.CDT首次编辑版准备好发布时都将被标记为“预备版”(-rc),以便后续进行全面测试和文档记录。在一小轮反馈后,一旦文件文成,该版本将被提升为“稳定版”。1.5.0-rc1版本将更名为1.5.0版本,然后并入Github资源库主盘中。过去几个月,我们将每个月第二个星期二(距离月中最近的日子)作为EOSIO更新日。此后,我们将在此日期发布预备版本(rc),如此社区可以了解在我们将其并入主盘作为“正式版本”之前会发布的内容。欢迎为我们继续优化的开发工具和EOSIO开发者社区资源提供意见反馈。请随时连续我们开发者关系团队,邮箱:developers@block.one,告诉我们您的想法,我们能如何优化社区的软件开发。EOSIO 1.5.0-rc1中的亮点:继续阅读以下内容,详细了解EOSIO1.5.0-rc1多线程签名验证(#6149本次版本一项重要更新聚焦于优化EOSIO性能,让它保持市场上最快速公共区块链的地位。多线程签名验证引入了在使用签名区块时,通过控制器中线程池单线程管理的密钥恢复的效率。用户添加的主要性能将在区块宣传和同步新节点时获知。State History Plugin (Alpha) (#5970)我们也发布了State History Plugin插件的全新Alpha版本,能够实时/串流链上数据。与Demux所做工作相似,State History Plugin能以更便捷的方式,通过网页可扩展RPC框架获取数据。总的来说,这是构建在EOSIO上众多扩展性优化的基础,后续开发将比照此插件,依据Demux的需求,在EOSIO构建应用时,精简并优化整体开发效率。此插件发布为Alpha版,我们欢迎社区人员提出使用反馈,并愿意了解它是如何对您在EOSIO上的开发工作流程产生影响的。白名单&黑名单安全更新(#6318最后,我们在白名单及黑名单上做了安全更新。这次更新主要是为了方便区块制作者。让他们能够更好地解决社区仲裁问题,帮助EOSIO公共区块链上的争议解决和账户恢复等问题。此次更新让黑白名单检测内联操作和延迟的交易,在获得更大安全性的同时,允许区块制作者在需要执行仲裁时进行例外操作。如此便无需再从黑名单任何点删除被拉入其中的账户,直到账户到期被移出黑名单。可在Github此版本中找到该预备版的完整发布列表。注意,此版本为预备版,在完成完整测试并更新文件前不会被并入主盘。我们仍进行这类更新,以便社区了解未来的更新计划!保持连接一如既往,若您有意提供反馈并与我们的团队密切合作,为社区优化EOSIO,您可以向开发者关系团队发送邮件,邮箱为:developers@block.one。您也可以在EOSIO开发者门户订阅我们的邮件列表,获得更多更新信息。我们很高兴将继续为EOSIO的开发者们完善软件的使用,我们将持续为最具可扩展性的区块链开发奠定坚实的基础。


Today we’re pleased to announce EOSIO, V1.5.0-rc1 as a Release Candidate. You can find more about EOSIO V1.5.0-rc1 detailed here on Github, and find documentation as it is updated on the EOSIO Developer Portal.We are continually collecting feedback on how the community is building applications on the platform and constantly seeking to improve the developer experience on EOSIO. Going forward, new versions of EOSIO and EOSIO.CDT will be marked as ‘Release Candidates’ (-rc) when ready for first compiled release to allow for more thorough testing and documentation. After a few cycles of feedback, once documentation is completed, the release will be promoted to ‘stable’. In case of V1.5.0-rc1, it will be renamed to V1.5.0 and merged into master on the Github repository.For the past few months, we have targeted the second Tuesday of each month (nearest the middle of the month) for a version update to the EOSIO software. Going forward, we will use this date to pin the Version Release Candidate (rc) so that the community can be aware of what is coming in the release prior to our merge into master for the “official release.”Feedback is welcome on our continued advancement of developer tools and resources for the EOSIO Developer Community. Feel free to get in contact with our Developer Relations team by emailing developers@block.one with your thoughts on how we can improve software development for the community.Continue reading below to learn more about EOSIO V1.5.0-rc1.Highlights in EOSIO V1.5.0-rc1:Multithreaded Signature Verification (#6149)One of the most important updates in this release is focused on our ongoing efforts to improve the performance of EOSIO, keeping it among the fastest public blockchains on the market. Multithreaded Signature Verification introduces efficiencies in key recovery, which is now managed on separate threads via a thread pool in the controller when applying a signed block. Primary performance increases will be noticed during block propagation and when syncing a new node.State History Plugin (Alpha) (#5970)We have also made a new alpha release of the State History Plugin that will allow real-time/streaming access to data on-chain. Akin to efforts with Demux, the State History Plugin allows for a more convenient way to get data through more web-scalable RPC frameworks. Overall this will be the basis for many scalability improvements in building on EOSIO and continued development will align this plugin with the needs of Demux to streamline and improve overall development efficiency when building applications on EOSIO. This plugin is being released as an Alpha and we welcome feedback from the community using it to learn how it affects your development workflow on EOSIO.Whitelist & Blacklist Security Updates (#6318)Finally, we have made some security updates to Whitelisting and Blacklisting. This is primarily for the benefit of block producers so that they can better respond to arbitration issues in the community and help resolve disputes and account recovery issues on the EOSIO public blockchain. The update enforces whitelist/blacklist checks for inline actions and deferred transactions for greater security while allowing exceptions for block producers who need to execute arbitration orders. This way, there will never be a need to remove any blacklisted accounts from blacklists at any point until it is time for the account to no longer be blacklisted.Additional Issues:A full list of issues for this release candidate can be found on GitHub in the Release. Remember, this release is pinned as a release candidate and will not be merged into master until we have completed testing and updated documentation. We are still providing this update now so that the community can be aware of what’s coming and plan for future updates!其他问题:Stay ConnectedAs always, if you are interested in providing feedback and working more closely with our team to improve EOSIO for the community, you can send our developer relations team an email at developers@block.one. You can also hear about future updates by subscribing to our mailing list on the EOSIO Developer Portal. We are excited to be continually improving the usability of the software for EOSIO developers as we continue laying a foundation for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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