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#基于EOSIO-栗子捍卫你数字保险箱免受攻击/#BuiltOnEOSIO: Chestnut Prevents Your Digital Chest from Being Easily Cracked




本期#基于EOSIO,联合创始人Daniel Liebeskind跟我们探讨为什么这颗链上的“栗子”坚不可摧、它怎么提高数字交易安全性、为什么它为区块链技术的大规模使用迈出坚实的一步。


Daniel Liebeskind:“栗子”是基于许可的智能账户,用户可以在上面自己设置交易规则,从而避免无心之错,也能保护账户免受恶意攻击。




Daniel Liebeskind一开始,我们就是打算在EOS账户建筑上建立一个“如果-则”系统。我的团队和我在做网络开发商城,在区块链空间上我们则是自由职业,所以我们经常使用加密货币相互支付。我们就想要编写一个智能合约帮我们自动处理支付分摊和专款的问题。



Daniel Liebeskind: 我们是个博学的团队,我们在网页和区块链开发、设计、项目管理、金融和法律方面都有丰富的经验。不管你信不信,我们是在印尼巴厘岛的丛林中见面的,然后因为我们对区块链技术的共同兴趣团结在一起。


Daniel Liebeskind: 栗子就在助力我们平台的发展。我们有技术地图,智能合约也已经在丛林测试网部署了。我们希望能在2019年5月推出我们的预览版,现在我们也在扩展我们的团队。



Daniel Liebeskind: 我们相信,如果我们能够让普通人使用简单、熟悉和安全的方法使用dapp、签署交易,那么大规模使用区块链就会成为现实。EOSIO独有的账户建筑是栗子智能合约最理想的平台,我们也相信,当我们在2019年末发布新一波的dapp时,EOSIO将会成为第一个获得大规模应用的区块链。而栗子就是一个重要的基础设施项目,它为加入这个不断扩大的生态系统铺平了道路。


Daniel Liebeskind: 社区对我们的褒扬让我们甚至觉得有震惊,有些开发者他们甚至说他们觉得“栗子解决了燃眉之急。”EOSIO各链一直都在我们身边,给我们提供了建议、资源和技术知道。我们还从更大的社区中收获了很多好问题和关注。






First conceived and pitched at the London chapter of the EOS Global Hackathon in September 2018, ‘Chestnut’ won both 1st runner up and Best UX at the event, and went on to compete as a finalist at the Cape Town Grand Finale.

In this edition of #BuiltOnEOSIO, co-founder Daniel Liebeskind tells us all about why their blockchain-harvested version of a ‘Chestnut’ is so hard to crack, how it improves user security in digital payment, and why it marks an important step towards driving the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

How would you describe your project?

Daniel Liebeskind: Chestnut is a permission-based smart account, which allows users to set their own rules around transactions, with an aim to prevent careless mistakes and to protect accounts from malicious attacks.

Users set security parameters on their Chestnut account, such as spending limits and transaction thresholds. Should a transaction fall outside of the parameters set, the transaction would automatically be rejected by the smart contract.

Down the line, we plan to offer protection against hackers, the ability to automatically split inbound payments, recurring payments, and enhanced security parameters.

Where did your initial idea come from?

Daniel Liebeskind: Initially, we were inspired to make use of the EOS account architecture to create an ‘if this, then that’ system. My team and I run web development shops and are freelancers in the blockchain space, so we often pay each other in cryptocurrency. We wanted to program a smart contract to handle payment splitting and disbursements automatically.

When we found out that the theme of the London Hackathon was around privacy and security, we realized that the ‘if this, then that’ model could also be used to transform EOS accounts into Smart Accounts with user-set security parameters.

Can you introduce your team and tell us what makes it special?

Daniel Liebeskind: We are a polymathic team with expertise in web and blockchain development, design, project management, finance and law. Believe it or not, we met in the jungles of Bali, Indonesia and bonded over our shared interest in blockchain technology.

What stage is the project at and what are your plans for scaling up?

Daniel Liebeskind: Chestnut is ramping up the development of our platform. We have a technology roadmap, and smart contracts have already been deployed on the Jungle testnet. We expect to launch our alpha product in May 2019 and are currently expanding our team.

Given that we are a security product, it is imperative for us that we get this right, so we’ll be conducting comprehensive rounds of testing and a smart contract audit before the launch.

Why did you decide to use blockchain technology, and specifically on EOSIO?

Daniel Liebeskind: We believe that wide-scale blockchain adoption is only going to become a reality when we make it easy, familiar, and safe for normal people to interact with dapps and sign transactions. EOSIO has a unique account architecture that is ideal for Chestnut Smart Accounts, and we believe that EOSIO is going to be the first blockchain to gain widespread adoption once we see the release of a next wave of dapps in late 2019. Chestnut is a key infrastructure project providing a pathway to join this ever-growing ecosystem.

How has the EOS Community responded to your project?

Daniel Liebeskind: We have been blown away by the positive response from the community, especially from developers who have said that they think “Chestnut is an absolute need”. All of the EOSIO chains have been rallying around us and supporting us with advice, resources and technical guidance. We’ve also received a lot of good questions and engagement from the wider community.

More information on Chestnut available on https://www.chestnutaccounts.com/

Stay tuned to our EOSIO Spotlight series where we’ll highlight some of the truly exceptional projects being built on our platform. If you have a project you’d like to share with us, please email spotlight@block.one.

-Developer Relations team

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